Guy Swinnen:                          vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Bert Van Hoeylandt:              electric guitars and backing vocals
Wim Verbeke:                        keyboards and backing vocals
Jean-Marc Talloen:                bass
Wim Geenen:                         drums



Naam: Guy Swinnen
Born: March 1960
Pseudoniem (if any):  Gikkes, Rockingwolf, G-man, El Guido ...
Instrument(s): Vocals, guitar, harmonica
Other (former) bands: Universe, The Scabs, Jonesy, Guy Swinnen and the Banned, Spelers en drinkers ...
Musical heroes: Neil and Bob, The Clash, CCR ...
I hate: The final countdown - Europe, most metal bands ...
First album ever bought: Gary Glitters first album
Worst album ever bought: Organisation - Orchestral Manoevres in the  Dark (OMD)
Biggest achievement (musically, that is): Played the Werchter festival twice! ('83 and '92) and three golden albums and a boxset.
First concert played: Bar Elysee in Diest with my very first band called 'Universe'
First concert attended: The Sweet (as security with my judoclub, I was 14 I think) later Ian Dury and the Blockheads.
Music is....  ointment for the soul


Naam:   Bert Van Hoeylandt
Born:    19-01-1963   Temse
Pseudoniem (if any):    Berre
Instrument(s):     Guitarzzzz
Other (former) bands:   My Velma, Wim Punk band, BJ Scott, Old Bastards, Jonesy, Southern Voodoo, Swinnen.....
Musical heroes:     Hendrix, Page, Edge, Perry, Townshend, Gallagher, Gilmour, Gibbons, Aerts, Lademacher, .....
I hate:   Cheese topping Spaghetti Bolognese !    
First album ever bought:     Gary Glitter
Worst album ever bought:   Dunno
Biggest achievement (musically, that is):   '05 Tour in South Africa, '05 Tour at Isle de la Réunion,  café Den Hengst,  a few Marktrock Leuven gigs wich are allways very inspiring
First concert played:     School gig must have been back in '78
First concert attended:    Herman Brood & His Wild Romance at age of 15 years...  I never recovered !
Music is....   Dope, emotion, sex, hard on, wood, going down, madness, depression, up, all, nothing, a lot.


Name: Jean-Marc Talloen
Born: Yes (April 29th '68)
Pseudonym: JeeM and Jimmy for some guys
Instrument(s): Bass
Other (former) bands: Derek and the Dirt, Weez!, Supergizmo, Southern Voodoo
Musical heroes: John Entwissle, Geezer Butler, Steve Harris and lots of other bass playing dudes around the world! For bands I'd like to express my warm feelings for The Who, The Jam, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, UFO, Plasmatics,...
I hate: r&b, techno, flemish-, dutch-, german-crooners
First album ever bought: Back in black (ac/dc). First album received as a gift. Was something from the bubblegum-age (can't remember what it was).
Worst album ever bought: Don't remember - sold every crap album ASAP!
Biggest achievement (musically, that is): Swinnen of course :), gig @ forest national (support Status Quo)
First concert played:  High school fest, 14 years old (including long hair and a thing under my nose that tried to look like a moustache :)
First concert attended: Really? Pierre Pape's band for the ... 3rd age. I was like 5 years old and determined to do the same thing later in my life! Never had the chance to thanks him... My first rock concert was the belgian band Ostrogoth in Koekelare.
Music is....   the best remedy against growing up.


Naam: Wim Geenen
Born: 1974
Pseudoniem:  Miw
Instrument(s): Drums
Other (former) bands: The Paranoiacs/The flashin' Meadows/HH & the lone riders/ Satellite City/ Admiral Freebee/ Stash
Musical heroes: Rob Pollard/ Elvis
I hate: The Who - Live at the Isle of wight (NOT!)
First album ever bought: Live and dangerous - Thin Lizzy
Worst album ever bought: The Who - Live at Leeds (NOT!)
Biggest achievement (musically, that is): ?
First concert played: Kerstmis 1982
First concert attended: Slight Return - Parochiehuis Merksplas
Music is... voor jeannetten.


Name: Wim V (not to be mistaken for Wim G) 
Born: Yes (at the end of the 70's) 
Pseudoniem: Nope 
Instrument(s): Yes please (keyz and things with keyz) 
Other (former) bands: Zoutlandt, JKT, De Nieweirds, The Berre All Stars... 
Musical heroes: Berre (off course), jEEm, Wim G & the G-man (Prince, the Beatles & U2 are my all time favorites and always will be) 
I hate: Fake music 
First album ever bought: Don't remember (could be Bad by Michael Jackson... yeah I know...) 
Worst album ever bought: Too many... 
Biggest achievement: Playing Vorst Nationaal, making a record (time after time a great feeling...) 
First concert ever played: Wedding party as a drummer ! Yeah I know... 
First concert attended: Don't remember (could be Clouseau or the Radios or something like that...) 
Music is ... (jesus I hate musical passports and lists like these) so great, music is fun when it has to be fun and an emotional relief when it has to... I also like the thing jimmy t (aka fartman) wrote